Celebrating female art: Innogrow supporting Techinnova in Art4Women incubation

May 21, 2024 | News EN

May 9, 2024 represents a milestone for our incubator with the establishment and incubation of the Art4Women benefit company.

The project, born from the intuition of a visionary team composed of Clara Bernasco, Elisabetta Viganò and Riccardo Roggeri, aims to create a breakthrough in the way women’s artistic works are supported and celebrated.

The idea of creating a platform dedicated to women artists and their creations, promoting inclusivity and gender diversity, has become a tangible reality thanks to the collaboration with the benefit company RIC3D. In fact, the A4W – Art For Women project took its first steps in March 2023, and with the first Proof-of-Concept (POC) online in December 2023, it began gathering feedback and welcoming volunteer artists eager to contribute to its growth.

The recognition of the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, under the “Women’s Enterprise Fund” call for proposals, confirmed the value and potential of the A4W – Art For Women project. In fact, it was MIMIT’s financial support that enabled the Art4Women company to become an autonomous reality, ready to expand both nationally and internationally.

Art4Women is more than just a platform: it is a place where art becomes a tool for empowerment, kindness, solidarity and sharing. Indeed, it does not merely provide a service, but aspires to create a community where artists can express themselves, connect with others, and share their experiences of personal discovery and growth.

With the development of the website and Progressive Web App (PWA), Art4Women is poised to become a landmark in the art market, offering an inclusive and inspiring environment for women artists of all genders and backgrounds.

Supported by Innogrow accelerator and Techinnova S.p.A. incubator, Art4Women looks optimistically to the future. The partnership with Techinnova will ensure access to advanced technological resources and a network of industry professionals, facilitating continued innovation and expansion of the platform. The commitment is to support and celebrate women’s art in all its forms, creating a positive and lasting impact in the global art community.

Art4Women is determined to promote significant change in the way women’s art is perceived and valued, making the art world more equitable and accessible for all women artists.