Here we report the experience of a Start Up of Trento, Italy, incubated in our INNOGROW spaces.

What is this company about?
“K’IT SRL” is an innovative post-seed startup company based in Milan, incubated and part of INNOGROW, one of the nine Fablab milanesi in the field of design, fashion and gadgets. Specifically, it works in the tablet and smartphone accessory area. Its main goal is to launch the first line of startup products, both through e-commerce platforms and through direct relationships with distributors.
From whom did you get funding?
The start up is funded by the European community and a bank. Selected by the VentureOut competition in New York City, it aims to sell its products to Milan and New York from December 2016.
How do you use our K’IT spaces?
The workgroup working within our coworking spaces mainly carries out 3D modeling, graphic design, CAD file production, and all the tasks that are useful in modifying and manufacturing the company’s component parts. Finally, within our FabLab, new Design prototypes and designs will be created.


Today we are telling you about the story of another Start-up incubated in INNOGROW spaces.
What is this company about?
It’s called “DonkeyCommerce” and is an award-winning innovative startup, its mission is to guide the customer (a small-medium enterprise) step by step in real-time managing its e-business.
What is DonkeyCommerce?
It is an integrated ecosystem that verifies its products and compares them with other vendors; It analyzes market trends and external data by doing so as a consultant to the company. It is therefore able to advise on the best way by locating and managing automatically all services (marketplace, marketing, freight forwarders, etc.) to start important and profitable internationalization processes.
How does DonkeyCommerce work?
– Import your inventory;
– Create your own domain name e-commerce site;
– Manage and sync amounts and products between your site, eBay, Amazon, Facebook and start selling right away;
– Activate with 1 click the services offered by selected international partners without entering into direct, consumer and contracted contracts;
– Share your products with other users and create a new distribution network.
From whom did you get funding?
Tim #WCAP, the TIM corporate accelerator that selects, finances and accelerates the best digital startup.
G2, a Startup and Enterprise Accelerator that works to foster Enterprise Innovations of all sizes with an Open Innovation-inspired approach and stimulating Enterprise and Startup contamination.
Lombardy Region, Integrated Program Enterprise Support Support Actions – Line FRIM 8 “Start Up and Restart” – Call 2014.