INNOPROM 2021: The summary of Techinnova and Innogrow’s experience.

Jul 9, 2021 | News EN

The trade fair, held in Ekaterinburg for the eleventh time, for four days has been the main exhibition of industrial machinery, equipment and services, and reasserted itself as an international site for showcasing industrial innovations.

With 30 foreign official delegations from all continents, mostly of a ministerial level, tens of business & cultural events, hundreds of B2B negotiations, INNOPROM has certainly given the boost for the cooperation of Russia with foreign partners – especially Italian. Indeed, Italy became the Official Partner Country in the 11th International Industrial Trade Fair INNOPROM in 2021. The combined efforts on both sides brought cooperation between Russia and Italy to a qualitatively new level which will incorporate the interests of both countries and conform to modern trends in global economic relations.

As for Techinnova and the acceleration programme Innogrow, we are proud to have contributed to bring to Russia some of our technological excellences, by presenting our R&D projects COMMITMENT and Circularponic. Particularly, the COMMITMENT project won a great victory by having been recognized as a 2nd runner-up among all the projects presented and analysed in the fair’s Italian Start-up Pitch Sessions.

Ultimately, INNOPROM proved itself to be an excellent opportunity for Techinnova and Innogrow to get acquainted with foreign developments in the creation of new productions facilities that meet current needs, as well as to build new relationships for cooperation.