Investment in Greennovations S.r.l. – Innogrow and Techinnova

Aug 22, 2023 | News EN

The Innogrow accelerator – supported by the Techinnova S.p.A. incubator – is pleased to announce its investment in the innovative startup Greennovations S.r.l., in which partner company MTM S.r.l. also participated.

Why did we invest?

Greennovations S.r.l. is an innovative startup committed to reducing the environmental, social and economic impact of the construction industry by adopting a series of practices and solutions aimed at achieving a more sustainable construction sector, such as the use of eco-friendly raw materials and/or the reuse of recycled materials processed in the construction industry.

Greennovations’ intervention efforts are mainly focused within the road sector in which the startup-through the use of eco-sustainable materials-attempts to exploit natural resources as little as possible and reduce waste.

Innovation, Sustainability, and Green Policy are thus the cornerstones that guide Greennovations along its path in favor of the environment and people’s well-being, and we at Innogrow are truly honored to be able to accompany Greennovations on its journey towards a greener future.