Startups and dermatological research: Cantabria Labs Difa Cooper supports innovation and launches the call Celebrate Innovation Italy 2021

Oct 29, 2021 | News EN

In order to encourage startups and young companies in the development of cutting-edge solutions in the field of dermatology, Cantabria Labs Difa Cooper, an Italian-Spanish company leader in the world of dermatology, launches Celebrate Innovation Italy 2021. This call will reward the best 4 ideas, one for each of the 4 areas of dermatology: photobiology, acne, trichology and dermatology in general. The objective is to encourage the research of new products, instruments, technologies and projects in the therapeutic areas of expertise. Among the evaluation criteria that will be taken into account in screening the applications, there will be the innovation of the proposal with respect to market needs, sustainability, potential and feasibility.

It will be possible to register applications by January 31, 2022 directly on the official website of Cantabria Labs Difa Cooper, in the area dedicated to Celebrate Innovation Italy 2021. Once the collection phase is completed, the committee will select, in line with the above criteria, a maximum of ten candidates for each of the 4 dermatology categories of the call, to present their project to the evaluators. The 4 winning ideas, 1 per category, will be awarded a grant of 15,000 euros.

“Cantabria Labs Difa Cooper strongly believes in the ability of Italian researchers and companies to intuit and realize significant dermatological innovations. – said Stefano Fatelli, CEO of Cantabria Labs Difa Cooper – Innovation and research are the founding values of Cantabria Labs Difa Cooper: an international group that is always open to new opportunities and knows how to recognize and give maximum confidence to the creative potential of Italian projects.”

With the call Celebrate Innovation Italy 2021, Cantabria Labs Difa Cooper once again places science and innovation at the center of its activities and aims to promote research in order to identify new solutions to challenges related to the field of health, leveraging entrepreneurship and collaboration as a driver of change.

For more information on the call launched by Cantabria Labs Difa Cooper, click on the link