Innogrow is proud to announce the official launch of the first call of 2024, dedicated to recognizing the most exemplary innovators in the fields of Alternative Energies and Green Technologies.

The bespoke contest, orchestrated by Techinnova through the Innogrow accelerator, presents a significant entrepreneurial opportunity to the most pioneering startups within the region. Through a meticulously tailored acceleration program, Techinnova pledges to furnish strategic support and top-tier resources to propel forward groundbreaking projects.

The call epitomizes a pivotal initiative aimed at fostering innovation and sustainability, extending a cordial invitation to industry professionals to partake in shaping a greener and more conscientious future.


The XLR8 contest caters to prospective entrepreneurs, startups – whether individual or team-based – and SMEs predominantly engaged in the fields of Alternative Energies and Green Technologies, regardless of the stage of their business development.

The only prerequisite for aspiring entrepreneurs is to be of legal age.


The aim of the contest is to elevate high-innovation startups and SMEs through three acceleration packages structured as follows:

  1. ADVANCED: An acceleration package valued at €25,000 for acceleration services and consultancy to be conducted within a maximum period of 18 months.
  2. INTERMEDIATE: An acceleration package valued at €10,000 for acceleration services and consultancy to be completed within a maximum period of 12 months.
  3. STARTER: An acceleration package valued at €5,000 for acceleration services and consultancy to be completed within a maximum period of 6 months.

The content of the acceleration packages will be discussed, analyzed, evaluated, and agreed upon with the three entities deemed worthy of the acceleration journey.


Submit your application by May 31, 2024.

Please complete the entrepreneurial idea survey form, which can be downloaded here, and send it to the following email address: b2b@techinnova.eu.


    The evaluation of projects will be conducted based on specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

    1. Alignment with the themes of “Alternative Energies” and “Green Technologies”;
    2. Entrepreneurial concept;
    3. Development team;
    4. Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of project advancement;
    5. Technical and economic viability of the project;
    6. Project scalability;
    7. Intrinsic value of the project in relation to the S3 (Smart Specialisation Strategy) themes outlined by the Lombardy Region;
    8. Internationalization potential of project outcomes;
    9. Assessment of the Business Plan;
    10. Evaluation of the Pitch.

    Projects will undergo assessment by Techinnova’s internal team and industry specialists, as required.

    Results of the evaluations will be communicated by September 13, 2024, through dedicated correspondence, accompanied by relevant justifications, to the teams deemed worthy. However, feedback will be provided to all projects that applied for the acceleration program, regardless of their selection status.

    In October 2024, the award ceremony for the three teams selected to undertake the acceleration pathways offered by Techinnova through the Innogrow accelerator will be held at the Techinnova incubator headquarters (Via Giovanni Durando, 38 – Milan).


      Project teams may also be subject to interviews and may be requested to provide supplementary documentation to facilitate a more thorough project evaluation.

      All information and data collected will be handled in accordance with specific privacy regulations and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

      It is also noted that by downloading, completing, and signing the Entrepreneurial Idea Survey Form, the teams also subscribe to the attached Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). By signing the NDA, both parties agree to maintain confidentiality regarding the sensitive details of each other’s activities, refraining from disclosing any confidential information shared during discussions or evaluations related to the XLR8 Contest.

      Techinnova reserves the right to archive the project presentation sheet for potential future collaborations.