Dr. Riccardo Roggeri (CEO of Techinnova) & Dr. David A. Schmidt (President of AUD) after signing the collaboration agreement between.


After the success of XLR8 Contest Smart Cities, Techinnova has decided to bring light to its second edition – XLR8 International.

In this edition, Techinnova and Innogrow collaborates with one of Dubai’s prestigious universities, the American University of Dubai (AUD) and its AEIC incubator (AUD’S Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center).

Ten startups pre-selected by the AEIC incubator will present their business pitch to Techinnova’s panel. The most qualified startup will be given the opportunity to recieve a work-for-equity investment from Techinnova.

Moreover, the contest is not solely dedicated to the pre-selected startups chosen by the AEIC. In fact, all innovative startups are welcome to participate in this event.


XLR8 International’s main goal is to easily facilitate and promote a matching between “newly-incubated” startups and the technological companies already included in Innogrow’s portfolio


All innovative startups are invited to participate in this edition of XLR8 International. In order to be in the list of partecipants, it is necessary to follow the steps below:


Briefly introduce your startup by sending an e-mail to xlr8@innogrow.it and ask for an application form.


Upon receiving the application form, make sure to fill out all the fields required and send it back to XLR8 team.


XLR8 team will contact you as soon as they have reviewed and analyzed your application form.

After receiving the approval of participation, XLR8 team will contact you to provide further instructions and to also ask for further requirements. The startups that best fit our ecosystem will have the opportunity to receive direct work-for-equity investment from Techinnova through its Innogrow acceleration program.

The last date of submission will be announced in all our social media platforms.


The XLR8 International marks the first collaboration activity between Techinnova and the American University in Dubai (AUD). For this reason,The first 10 startups invited to partecipate in this edition was selected together with AUD. Below are the 11 startups currently selected for XLR8 International:


Solaris Solutions

Facilitating electricity to reach you everywhere

Solaris Solutions offers an all-in-one portable power storage that can be charge through solar panels. The product is divided into two parts: SolarisBox and Solaris Suitcase 100.


Promoting art as a foundation of community, creativity, development, and betterment.

Portreat introduces an online art gallery dedicated to all emerging artists from MENA and other local regions. Portraet’s platform will allow artist to sell and promote their art to the online community.


Connecting academia with the industries

Acadlinks offers an online platform that allows industries and universities to collaborate and give students the opportunity to gain real life work experiences.


E-chain Solar Homes

 A new income from the sun

E-chain Solar Homes has developed an electric storage system that allows users to save up energy through installed solar panels on the roof and to utilize or to rent the power stored at any time of the day.

Green Eco (Food Waste)

Supporting a zero-waste future

Green Eco addresses to one of the biggest problems we are facing today: food waste. The startup collects food waste from F&B outlet partners and uses them to produce organic compost and fertilizers within 24 hours.


Virtual Documents. Real Happiness.

Wathaeq introduces a new digital documents archive dedicated to medical-related documents that allows its users to store, manage, and share them through AI and NFC technologies.


Food Optimization

Food for less

Food2Go is an app that allows its users to order food/groceries unsold by the restaurant/supermarket by the end of business hours at a discounted rate, thus, reducing the surplus of food supply and maximizing profit/savings.


Mother & daughter matching looks

Paolita is a DNVB fashion brand that offers a comfy and ready-to-wear matching outfits for mothers and daughters allowing them to have a new form of bonding through trendy fashion.

Hey Valet

Not just valet, it’s a way of life

After experiencing firsthand an unorganized valet service, the founders of Hey Valet develops an app that offers a smoother valet experience saving both the client and valet employees time and effort in finding the car.

Shadow Job

Pursue the right educational path

ShadowJob develops an app that allows students to find all internship opportunities and requirements. The app also provides professional mentors to assist students in finding the opportunity that suits them the most.