Our acceleration programme allows to scale early-stage companies through the implementation of Business Launch strategies and through the close and synergetic relations with partner companies of Innogrow’s network.


  • Coaching of Top Managers to improve the strategic positioning of the business, with particular attention to B2B Marketing activities;
  • Mentoring of Executives to provide tailor made assistance to the management;
  • Customised Mentoring service aimed at assisting startups and SMEs in the digitisation of processes, in the adoption of technologies and in the adaptation of organisational models in a logic of Enterprise 4.0.


  • Organisation of individual meetings with companies for competent evaluation of specific cases;
  • State-of-the-art document research services for trademarks, industrial models and patents;
  • Analysis of the patent portfolio;
  • Assistance in the filing of trademarks and patents at an Italian and EU level.


  • Assistance in the evaluation of outsourcing opportunities through the interaction with the various partners within Innogrow’s network;
  • Support in the creation of partnerships aimed at optimising time and costs, thus facilitating the procurement of resources and increasing the availability of highly specialised professionals;
  • Enhancement of the company’s core business as a result of the created partnerships.


  • Optimisation of the company’s technological portfolio composition;
  • Support in the development of strategies to enhance external expertise and skills, to be transferred into the companies’ own business model;
  • Support in technological-innovation processes thanks to the availability of our partners’ technological portfolio.


  • Techinnova, through Innogrow, intervenes as co-investor in the company’s equity in the case of a direct investment;
  • Techinnova, through Innogrow, supports the procurement of financial resources by means of the Fondo Centrale di Garanzia, by guaranteeing the quality of the validated project;
  • Techinnova, through Innogrow, facilitates the access to partnered Equity Crowdfunding platforms, to allow the companies to obtain further rounds of investment; depending on the case, Techinnova can also intervene as a Professional Investor to guarantee the deal.


  • Scouting of opportunities related to public incentives and funded projects, to further strengthen the development and acceleration activities;
  • Support in accessing public grants of subsidised finance through participation in calls for proposals.


  • Support in the definition of a coherent and targeted strategic communication to differentiate the product in the market;
  • Support in the definition of short- or long-term business goals;
  • Assistance in the development of marketing skills and sales channels;
  • Assistance in the product design through competent professionals in the commercial field.


  • Identification and definition of innovation trends and scenarios, also through an Envisioner -specialised in exploring new technological trends related to the digital transformation;
  • Evaluation of the possible options for external exploitation of their technologies, in addition to internal development;
  • Identification of the most effective ways to pursue scalability and market penetrability;
  • Evaluation of any sustainable competitive advantages over competitors that can be derived from technology commercialisation;
  • Assistance in the definition of the Buyer Personas and validation of the business idea.


  • Advanced management-training programme, structured to meet the specific needs of the company;
  • Assistance in the consolidation of entrepreneurial skills:
    – Customer Value Proposition & Business Modeling;
    – Business Planning & Business Development;
    – Financial and Administrative Management;
    – Risk Taking & Risk Management;
    – Brand Identity & Brand Positioning;
    – IP Management;
    – Project Management;
    – Supply Chain Management;
    – Networking;
    – Innovation Design;
    – Design Thinking & User-Centred Design;
    – Teamworking & Teambuilding;
    – Problem Solving & Decision Making;
    – Leadership & Empowerment;
    – Sustainability & Business Ethics.


  • Mentoring provided by experienced Executives to support key functions of the organisation to improve the effectiveness of business processes;
  • Potential engagement of “over-scaled” Managers relatively to the task, in order to accelerate the identification of the possible problems and the technical design of the solutions;
  • Assistance from advisors, specialised in facilitating the transfer of know-how.


  • Assistance for testing products and services, which is aimed at starting their commercialisation;
  • Support in the creation of a solid client base provided by the Innogrow network.


  • Dedicated offices and spaces within a context that facilitates skill sharing and know-how dissemination.