Jun 7, 2021 | News EN

The appointment with XLR8, the contest organized by Techinnova – through the Innogrow accelerator – and addressed to the most deserving innovation talents, is approaching.

With reference to this special call organized in the framework of the innovative theme kermesse Smart City Now – Conference & Expo 2021 (which will be held the next 15 – 16 June in digital mode), Techinnova’s internal team will organize in the coming days One-to-One meetings with each of the candidate project teams considered interesting for the Smart Cities & Communities sector.

A total of 22 projects were received, 10 of which related to the Smart Cities sector. In particular:

  • 4 projects focused on the topic of SUSTAINABLE BUILDING AND ENERGY;
  • 3 projects focused on CYBERSECURITY & IoT;
  • 2 teams have presented business ideas related to SUSTAINABLE TOURISM;
  • 1 team has identified as target the area of SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY.

In any case, the projects of all other business teams were also carefully evaluated. The evaluation was conducted on the basis of specific KPIs:

  1. Consistency with Smart Cities themes;
  2. Business idea;
  3. Development Team;
  4. TRL (Technology Readiness Level) of project progress;
  5. Degree of technical and economic-financial viability of the project;
  6. Degree of scalability of the project;
  7. Intrinsic value of the project with respect to the S3 (Smart Specialisation Strategy) themes dictated by Regione Lombardia;
  8. Degree of internationalization of the project results;
  9. Evaluation of the Business Plan;
  10. Evaluation of the Pitch.

Finally, please note that the event will be held exclusively online, from 15.00 to 16.30, according to the following schedule:

  • Presentation of Techinnova S.p.A. and Innogrow (15′);
  • Presentation of two successful use-cases: InfinityHub and Pradella Sistemi (15’+15′)- Partners of the CircularCity project (transition of cities towards an eco-sustainable Smart City model);
  • Presentation of the three deserving companies of the acceleration programs (15’+15′);
  • Conclusions and final considerations.

All information about the event are published on the official website of Smart City Now – Conference & Expo: https://www.smartcitynow.it/.